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Engage with your audience with aCommunity tool & Quest app, on a SocialFi aggregator.
Cross-post on X, Lens, Farcaster. Create Community, stream, gift, chat, quest...Website WUW Whatever You Want

Create cross-platform content, make your community engaged and have fun, reward them!


Reward users, Revenue Share model, Referral Program, Token Holders Incentives.

Social network aggregator and Web 3.0 Community tools

Ease of Access

Enter a community, Engage with creators content, create content, tip or receive tip from your community!

SocialFi Cross-platform

Cross-post easily to X, Lens, Farcaster! Content creator rewarded.

Community tool easy to use

Engage with your community, Manage it, Build your community network, Reward and get rewarded!

Questing app tools

Craft a campaign, quests, and challenges for your community. Have fun and increase your brand awareness.

Gift and rewards with questing.

Multichain tools and SocialFi cross-platform.

Whether you're into X, Lens, Farcaster, or in Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Base, Polygon or Optimism.

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WUW Features : Whatever You Want

Community tool and SocialFi for everyone.

Create post, stream, quest, and more.

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Build your audience, engage with them, in a few clicks, powered by web3 like Crypto & NFT

See whatever I Want
Feature WUW Container - Community tool


Q4 2023

Start building in ETHGlobal. Ship, feedback and Improvement

Post, channel and chat group

Multichain support

WUW Questing and challenge

Create project page and fund raising

Token-gated chat group


Feedback and improvement of early adopter

2024 LFG

LFG to build a better product each day

SocialFi aggregator & Cross-platform: X, Lens, Farcaster

Stream and Meeting

Contest, Quest & Giveaway


Launch of the 1st Airdrop sprint

Launch token

DAO tool

Building Whatever you want. Lot of ideas TBA.


WUW - Community tool with Web3 features

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WUW the community tool.

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