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WUW - Whatever You Want -Social network to produce every content with Web3 tools and rewards
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Everything you need to growth your business. Make your community engaged and have fun, reward them!

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Revenue Share model, Referral Program, Token Holders Incentives

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WUW Features : Whatever You Want

Engage and rewards your community of your Project

Have fun, get social boost, create quests and leaderboard

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Build your project with community and engage with them, in a few clicks, powered by web3 like Crypto & NFT

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Feature WUW Container - Community tool

Elevate Your Community Engagement with WUW

Craft Your Project Page, Your Way

Welcome to WUW, where every project finds its perfect space.

Our intuitive platform lets you effortlessly create a project page, complete with followable links to all your essential content.

Whether you're launching a new initiative, showcasing a portfolio, or building a campaign, your project page is your launchpad to success.

Engage with your audience in real-time, get instant feedback, and create a loyal fanbase.

Engagement That Goes Beyond

Gone are the days of one-sided communication.

With [Your Community Tool's Name], every interaction is an opportunity to deepen engagement.

Follow links not just to view content, but to become a part of a thriving, interactive community.

Host a brainstorming session, a collaborative project, or just a casual catch-up.

The power of connection is at your fingertips.

Leaderboard Legends

Who are your most engaged members?

Let's celebrate them! Our leaderboard feature spotlights the stars of your community, encouraging a healthy, competitive spirit that drives engagement.

It's time to see who rises to the top as the champion of participation and engagement.

Likes, Shares, and So Much More

It's not just about getting likes and shares; it's about rewarding the journey.

As your community responds to your quests, watch the engagement soar, and reward your audience for their participation.

It's a win-win: your posts get the love they deserve, and your community enjoys the perks!

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